When to Rebrand? Sooner than Later.

There are many reasons … But, the process should start earlier than you think. Most believe rebrand is the last step in the process. Once the need is apparent, rebranding should be the first step. Rebranding impacts all subsequent work … allows for intentional brand culture to flow inward and then externally. Typically most think external needs first, but the really good brands happen by seeding their language, culture and look internally before they reach out to their external audiences. “Bloom is about to embark on another growth spurt to take us up to the next level. We are looking to take The Bloom Closet statewide and our board is considering a capital campaign in support.  The rebranding program through GRM  perfectly positions us to go forward to new audiences without missing a beat. We have a new brand look and feel that is both well-positioned and aspirational enough to fit our board’s ambitions.” – Becky Davenport, Executive Director.