We gained a firm understanding of what was working and what our team needed to do differently to make our social media program more productive.”

Right for:  CEOs, Marketing Directors or Social Media Managers seeking to learn how to improve the performance of their social media program

Get an expert 2nd opinion before investing staff time or advertising resources. Have you checked out your social media pages and discovered they are not generating the interest of followers?  Or, your brand’s pages are lagging those of your competitors?  Your marketing team not providing good answers?  

GRM’s Audit & Actions program is a great way to get objective feedback on key fundamentals, along with action steps to build a best practices social media program.  The cost is a no-brainer in terms of impacting results in the short term and providing experienced guidance moving forward.

Social media best practices change quickly and a GRM Audit & Actions report can help ensure resources being expended toward social are being utilized in the best manner. The Audit & Actions program solves these problems and more: lagging results; unsure what social should be contributing to the overall marketing program;; not leveraging referral or reach; changing roles of personnel.

The Audit & Actions consists of an initial debrief session to learn about history, goals, content strategy and measures.  GRM then conducts a comprehensive review of 20 key points against best practices.  Our team also examines competitive activity for benchmarks and opportunities.

We then deliver a written and in-person report: analysis that includes forward strategic & tactical recommendations, including targeting, content, posting practices and social advertising strategy.

1x Fee:  $2,500