GRM’s Kickstart program helped train and equip our staff to execute a better social media program. The improvement was almost immediate and beyond what we were able to accomplish on our own.” 

Right for:  companies handling social media in-house 

Provide your team the training to create sustained results through social media! We work alongside your team to implement a 4-stage, best practices process in this 90-day program. The staged program allows time for your staff to learn, absorb ‘how to’ execute, and be able to run the social media program effectively with aid of coaching from the GRM team.

Initial Assessment:  Audit existing pages against best practices and competitors.

Identity problems & opportunities:  how and where social should be contributing to the overall marketing program.

Goal: optimize strategy and tactical direction.

  • Stage One: GRM will build out social media tactical plan, including content pillars by platform and ad strategy.  Identify resources and develop content for posts.
  • Stage Two: The GRM team will set up and adjust platforms; conduct training with the client team to walk through how to execute the plan to best practices.
  • Stage Three: GRM to execute for one month with client team in support/learning mode.
  • Stage Four: Client team to execute for 60 days with GRM in support/coaching mode.

Follow-up consult – we will remain available to answer questions and guide client personnel as long as needed. Our team will stay engaged ensuring the resulting program is successful.

Value: maximize staff time and internal costs. Eliminate trial and error and get your social platforms focused and working to best practices and measurable outcomes.  

Compete and win your category!

Considerations: This works best for situations where Client has internal options/staff to execute posts and needs help establishing a proven social strategic platform and process.

1x Fee: under $10k