The Value of Process

GRM has worked social media programs for clients since 2007.

2007 is the year Facebook launched advertising and business pages. Three years after Facebook’s initial launch, the company introduced advertising to the platform. They also opened the platform for business pages — just like standard users — to post content, share photos, and engage with Facebook users.

From Mark Zuckerberg:  “The core of every user’s experience on Facebook is their page, and that’s where businesses are going to start as well…The first thing businesses can do is design a page to craft the exact experience they want people to see.”  

It was uncharted territory.  GRM jumped in because we saw the platform as a unique opportunity to engage a brand on a whole new way.  And, we had early success.  But, like many we were feeling our way along and constantly adjusting and updating how we executed the platform for clients. 

Ironically, one of our esteemed clients at the time, Horst Schultze, former CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company proclaimed regularly a statement: “to consistently deliver an exceptional experience, it is essential to develop and document the process.”  More engaging talk from Horst here. 

The Ritz-Carlton story became the inspiration as GRM began to catalog and refine a process of executing social media programs based on several of the extraordinary success stories being created by our team.  We did that to work more efficiently, get to success faster with new clients and ensure consistency among our team. 

Today, GRM has a fully developed process on planning and executing social media that is applied to all client programs.  Our process is now being implemented in three program phases:  

  • Audits & Actions (a benchmark examination and tactical recommendations to build a superior program)
  • Kickstart (a 90-day takeover and coaching program to improve results of internally managed program)
  • Turnkey (GRM plans, creates, manages and engages for client pages on a turnkey, daily manner)