The Telltale Signs of a Winning Social Media Program

Here is a quick primer on how to eyeball a social media page and determine if further investigation is warranted. Many marketing directors or CEOs understand the need to be on social media, but believe social platforms are like other media, in that placement ensures visibility and reach.  Social platforms are unique from traditional media and failure to adhere to their changing recommended practices will severely undercut performance. 

Pull up a social media page.  Yours, a competitor, or simply a brand you like.  Do you recognize any of these traits on the social media page?

  • inconsistent posts (multiple posts in a day; gaps of several days to weeks between posts)
  • content that is mostly about promotions or events
  • no acknowledgement or response to comments or reviews
  • limited or no video 
  • reactive, last-minute posting
  • posts that receive limited to no engagements (shares, comments, clicks, emoticons)


If several of these behaviors (or lack thereof) is present, an outside opinion or more detailed audit is likely warranted. Not addressing or resolving these fundamental practices will result in platform algorithms severely restricting visibility of what posts are made. 

Social media, requires work daily.  If for no other reason but to respond timely to followers.  This is an online community and silence from the page manager is not golden. 

Content matters.  Greatly.  Lack of engagement is the number one criteria for a social media page’s success.  Facebook is now favoring “reactions” and comments over likes. That means you need to work harder on creating content engaging enough to encourage your followers to leave their reaction on your post. By doing so, the algorithm will automatically award your Facebook page. It will put it more often on a concrete user’s newsfeed as it will be recognized as something that he or she enjoys more than other content available on Facebook.

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