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Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media

We are so excited to partner with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits for another Social Media class! In this virtual four part certificate series, you’ll rapidly advance your understanding of social media practices for nonprofits, building a broad foundation and focused expertise in topics like advertising and analytics. Each course will feature tools and tips which you can […]

Ignite the passions and watch your brand become viral.

From a staid, governmental sounding brand (Juvenile Justice Foundation) to a completely new name (youthSpark) and look that excites its zealots and builds the rally cry for abused youth. “There is no more meaningful work that the FBI participates in than rescuing children,” James Comey FBI Director. Nor for GRM.

Visuals captivate in a way that words can never express.

Transformed this fledging organization – CURE Childhood Cancer – into the look of a leader. The results: from 5,000 to 110,000 followers and from $850k to more than $4 million in donations annually. Gained the attention of supporters, key bloggers, the media and yes, key donors. Kristin Connor, Executive Director: “SOOOOO much credit has to be […]