The Medium of Referral.

Social media has become the first option for many to converse ‘socially’ today. It has replaced letter writing and phone calls for many. Because it is group-focused, it is the logical medium of referral. Social media should be important to your business, as well. Social media offers lower out-of-pocket than virtually any ad, any direct mailing, any promotion. It offers the real-time engagement that simply is not available in any other media. Social media is important to GRM because we intentionally create advertising and marketing programs that build referral. Please ask for our short presentation on the keys to creating successful social media programs.

Join GRM for our Social Media Bootcamp!

Make sure you join us for our social media bootcamp! We'll be providing a informational and hands-on similar on how social media marketing can be used for businesses, for your job, and even for career advancement. This year, we will be in Athens for the first time on October 27 and 28 and in Buckhead on November 18. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Is Social Media a Program Expense? We Can Show You How.

A carefully crafted social media program engages both your ‘zealots’ and others interested in your cause. It also can be legitimately be categorized as a program expense. We can explain how. Social is not primarily a fundraising vehicle. It is a necessary for getting the word out on specific programs, for providing timely information on evidences of mission and most importantly, engaging followers in online conversations related to mission and programs.

Google is Going Mobile. Is Your Brand?

Google is penalizing non-mobile responsive sites. Here are some tips to help your site: Facebook Instant articles. These articles are an easy way to optimize pages for mobile visitors and decrease load times. Blogging. An excellent platform to reach potential followers as it resonates with search terms. Installing a donate button on Facebook. Live stream. Using Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook’s live stream feature are excellent ways to engage supporters. By making the most of social media applications and opportunities, organizations can improve their search ranking and thereby reach a larger interested audience.  

Check if your site is mobile friendly below:

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