Knowing Your Target Always Pays.

Whether in negotiations, marketing, sports or war, knowing your target pays dividends. The Hub succinctly shows how Ace Hardware uses target knowledge to take on the big box retailers and even Amazon. Click here to read more!

Want to be Shared? Get Emotional.

Great creative has always been about uncovering and amplifying the emotive reasons to consider a brand.

Emotional benefits build value and are far more ‘brandable’ than typical product attributes.

Now, comes a study that says emotional headlines get shared more. Surprised?

Click here to read more!

Unexpected Delights. The Missing Element with Most Loyalty Programs.

Providing variable rewards is the secret of habit-forming products, reports The Economist (1/3/15). "That is why the number of monsters one has to vanquish in order to reach the next level in a game often varies."

This is nothing new: "BF Skinner, the father of ‘radical behaviorism‘ … found that training subjects by rewarding them in variable, unpredictable ways works best." However, the concept figures more prominently than ever in the digital age and the “intense competition … to monopolize people’s attention."

Unexpected delights or unpredictable rewards provide a more authentic way to reinforce loyalty than traditional and tired “when you buy X, we provide Y.” They also disproportionately lead to greater referral in our experience. Of course, it requires a more personalized form of communications.
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