Need a Call to Action in 2015? Push play.

2015 is said to be the year of video marketing, with 70% of marketers reporting that video converts better than any other medium. And users aren’t turning to YouTube to post videos.

In October, GRM had a video go viral on client CURE Childhood Cancer’s Facebook, and of course, we all know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. What is it that makes these videos go viral?

 Maybe it’s the personal connection, the storytelling aspect or the fact that video is a memorable platform that viewers can recreate, enjoy and share. We tend to think all three and then some. And the “some” part is where your ability to connect the brand personality, the end goal (donations, brand visibility, etc.) and the target audience comes into play.

As marketers, it’s natural to try to crack the code to the viral video. In a perfect world there would be an exact formula, but the exciting part is- there isn’t one. Whether humorous, heartfelt or musical, viral videos are authentic, shareable and hold meaning.

Here are examples of a few videos that have gone viral for two very different reasons. Watch these great videos to kick off the year of video marketing (and dance a little while your at it).


High School Teacher recreates “Uptown Funk” music video: “This is a great example of how a bunch of technology students let go of their fears, trusted their teacher and got down to Uptown Funk!!!,” the Youtube caption reads. 


 Zach Sobiech Leaves Behind Legacy Through Song, “Clouds”: A boy battling cancer uses his musical talents to cope with his diagnosis and continue living his life through song. Zach died of osteosarcoma on May 20, 2013 at just 18 years old.