Our roots are hospitality and creative advertising. Our passion is helping good brands and companies succeed.

We began GRM in March 2006. Dialog from the movie Jerry Maguire aptly described our intent: “Fewer clients, more dancing. We will have taken our number oneness and turned it into something greater. And eventually smaller will become bigger, in every way, and especially in our hearts.”

We’ve participated first-hand in building remarkable brands (Ritz-Carlton Hotels; Wendy’s; Coca-Cola) from senior positions with leading creative agencies. We are also empathetic to client pressures – we’ve been on that side also. We’ve been fortunate to work with the best. We know what separates winners from losers. We like to be on winning teams. So do consumers.

Referral is the differentiating characteristic. We create campaigns from the outset with the pronounced intent to maximize referral. We refer to our approach as “Zealotry Marketing.” Harvard Business Review delivered this obvious finding: “referral is the #1 indicator of long-term brand profitability.”

The name of our shop has evolved from “Guest Relations Marketing.” Our name serves as a constant reminder how we strive to work with our clients and how our clients should always present themselves – in a personal manner, befitting a guest, as opposed to the traditional mass marketing to faceless “consumers”.

The “preying mantis?” It means nothing, except the day we came up with the graphical concept involving the mantis, we went to lunch and a huge mantis was sitting on the windshield of our car. As we developed our current website, we planned on “letting the mantis go.” Yep, you guessed it … it showed up again. On our car. Uncanny? Coincidence? We decided it was a mandate from God. So the mantis stays.