Why You Want to be #1 in Social Media

Social media is more than a “nice” or cheap way to get another impression. Serious marketers understand social media needs to be an integral part of their marketing program. The widespread reach (more than 85% of people engage in at least one social platform) and the amount of time spent daily (+3 hours on average) […]

Personalizing Social Media & Why It Matters For Your Business!

Consumers don’t just want personalization, they demand it. With store and product loyalty more elusive, getting it right matters. According to a recent study from McKinsey & Co. roughly 75 percent of consumers tried a new shopping behavior in the last 18 months, and more than 80 percent of those intend to continue with new behaviors. This […]

How Facebook’s Privacy Changes May Impact your Social Media!

Apple and Facebook continue to go at it in how data is gathered. Increasingly, an ‘opt in’ versus ‘opt out’ consumer default will be available. The changes revolve around user privacy. The result is more restrictive targeting on ads, and likely some changes in how data is counted.  The most notable privacy update affecting digital […]

Dazzle Them With Brilliance Or Baffle Them With B.S.

“Dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with B.S.”  It was a favorite chant of the creative group in a former ad agency. Much of social media marketing articles, blogs and webinars – particularly from the newly minted experts – involves more dazzling with jargon (or B.S.) and less about how it really works.  And […]

Facebook Has Some New Year’s Resolutions … err Changes!

Many of us make new year’s resolutions.  Weight loss, drink less and be more involved in your religious practice are among the most common.  Coincidentally, Facebook has announced changes coming to their ad buying requirements in January that that mirror these ‘resolution’ subjects. From Facebook:  Starting January 19, 2022 we will remove Detailed Targeting options that […]