Should You Consider Rebranding?

Business evolves.  You expect businesses to learn, change, grow, adjust.  Why wouldn’t branding evolve as well? One recent study found that 75% of U.S. brands will plan to refresh their look within the next five years. That represents a huge opportunity for ad agencies that have built expertise in guiding clients through this process. Adweek spoke […]

Is Outsourcing Social Media Worth The Cost?

Many companies weigh their social media program first in terms of the cost to execute.  Which is why many start by assigning to a staffer internally who already has other duties.  Consistency, compelling content and application of best practices lag, leading to poor value and potential return.  In many of these scenarios, CMOs don’t see […]

We Are Not The Cheapest … 

I’m sure you have heard this before.  But, how often is being the ‘cheapest’ really important? In B2B dealings, cost being the primary decision point often happens because the vendors fail to establish valuable differences.  Or the purchaser simply does not weigh the craftsmanship/talent involved and value the impact on their overall look, feel, performance […]

What Brings Car Enthusiasts, Environmentalists and B2B Decision Makers Together?

  The remarkable story of how social media rallied disparate audiences around an uncertain program. And how social media results were fueled by B2B followers.   Georgia Power, the Southeast’s largest utility, with some trepidation decided to launch a program in late 2014 aimed at promoting electric vehicles.  Social media was designed to extend the […]

The Final Word: Referral.

Social is unlike any other media in history. It is not linear. Not in the way that traditional advertising pushes out content/programming/ads and then consumers can either choose to read or watch.  In social, consumers participate in the content. And, their participation is not a private letter or phone call. It is public … on […]