How Facebook’s Privacy Changes May Impact your Social Media!

Apple and Facebook continue to go at it in how data is gathered. Increasingly, an ‘opt in’ versus ‘opt out’ consumer default will be available. The changes revolve around user privacy. The result is more restrictive targeting on ads, and likely some changes in how data is counted. 

The most notable privacy update affecting digital marketing is the iOS14 update. This Apple-enforced change has reversed the opt-in status of data collection. Before these updates, users would have to opt-out of data collection in their personal settings on social media platforms. As a result of the update, Apple users now have the option to opt-in at every data collection trigger. 

Facebook says this will harm their revenue by upwards of $10 Billion. However, that may be a bit extreme.  Facebook ads remain an efficient advertising media and iPhone usage is not decreasing. 

Here are a few simple strategies to help you with this digital marketing trend in 2022: 

  • Create a lead magnet – offer your prospects something of massive value in exchange for their contact information.
  • Adjust your funnel strategy – offer your prospects the chance to book a call with you, before making any monetary offer. 
  • Use lead generation objectives – use Facebook’s own lead generation objective to collect more leads inside their platform 
  • Segment iOS device audiences – create advertising audiences that exclude iOS devices and target these with traditional retargeting techniques 

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