When you know who you are talking to, what is compelling to them and communicate in the ways that they share with their friends, then you have true referral. That is the essence of Zealotry Marketing.

GRM helps clients build sales through marketing that connects and extends their brand through their core customers, or Zealots. The Zealotry customer is potentially 50% more valuable than the traditional “heavy spender.

“… the new marketing is leaner, more targeted and specialized. Clients want strategic integration with tactical coordination; they demand direct communication not directed communication; and most of all they want to feel like they are the most important client you have! GRM is new, intimate, almost caring…service oriented with a sophisticated understanding of the clients needs and goals…research guided, but not necessarily research driven….marketing beyond statistics; almost as an art form!”
a GRM Client

How We Begin

We start with defining and understanding those most passionate - your Zealots..
Those who have already demonstrated brand loyalty. They are your advocates and the surest way to match expectations and attract more like-minded consumers.

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