Your Visibility on LinkedIn Just Received a “Boost.”

B2B advertisers now have a new social advertising option through LinkedIn.  LinkedIn announced the introduction of boosting posts or events directly from your feed.  There are conditions as noted below, but this is potentially a major opportunity to get at hard-to-reach business audiences.

Similar to other social advertising, you will be able to choose a goal for the “boost” (site visits, post awareness, event awareness, post engagement or video views.)

There are some conditions:  posts can only be boosted one time, and only single image posts and events can be enhanced at this time. Posts containing surveys, documents, job postings or articles are currently not eligible for boost. 

How is this different from current LinkedIn advertising? It is already possible to transition an organic post into a paid ad, but it takes more steps and expertise through LinkedIn’s campaign manager tool.  The boost button, on the other hand, can be used by anyone directly from their company’s LinkedIn page.  At this time, boosting a post is available only for company pages, not personal pages, but there are ways to integrate the two.

Cost is expected to be in line with existing LinkedIn ads. 

Unsure how to proceed?  Reach out to our team to discuss.

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