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Who is GRM?

We build #1 brands in social media. Our brand, creative and hospitality heritage with renowned companies are the cornerstones of our success. GRM was founded in 2006 with the simple idea of ‘building more zealots for our clients.’ Zealots are the unabashed fans of a brand and most likely to refer to others. Engaging with your zealots is the first stage of a successful social media program.

Our work and people are nationally recognized. We have clients in all parts of the country. That’s never stopped us from being on the ground. Our team is there in your environment for engaging and personalized content- behind the camera, in front of the camera, and with your audience.

Because we have a full team of specialists, we put more talent and experience to work on our social media programs. This provides our clients a competitive advantage versus the typical in-house staffer assigned to social media.

“The GRM team manages all aspects of the social program and works hand-in-hand with our ad agency and our internal team as true partners. Their strategic thinking has helped build a passionate community that is interactive and sharing.”
a GRM Client

Mike Tyre and April Voris

We began GRM in March 2006. Dialog from the movie Jerry Maguire aptly described our intent: “Fewer clients, more dancing. We will have taken our number oneness and turned it into something greater.”

We’ve participated first-hand in building remarkable brands (Ritz-Carlton Hotels; Wendy’s; Coca-Cola) from senior positions with leading creative agencies. We are also empathetic to client pressures – we’ve been on that side also. We’ve been fortunate to work with the best.

We know what separates winners from losers. We like to be on winning teams. So do consumers.


Anna Loncar Todd

Engagement Specialist

I am a zealot for Alabama football, colorguard, my pets and margaritas!

Alexa Alper

Engagement Specialist

I am a zealot for dogs and traveling.

Ella Wilson

Creative Writer

I am a zealot for building relationships between businesses and customers with engaging copy that makes people think, laugh, and remember.

Keri Tomsic

Creative Writer

I’m a zealot for pithy dialogue and punny wordplay.

Jesse Yonover

Photographer & Videographer

I’m a zealot for ocean sports.

Derek Walker

Graphic Designer

I’m a zealot for going the extra mile to create clean and timeliness designs for any client.

Chris Jacobs

Creative Strategist

I’m a zealot for the Packers, The Bucks, and all work by Albrecht Durer.

Craig Preston

Web IT Strategist

I’m a zealot for learning, data enablement, and music. Oh, and basketball.

Lynda Green

Photographer & Videographer

I’m a zealot for Love, Happiness, Photography / Video, Road Trips & Doggies

Jan Sharrow

Graphic Designer

I’m a zealot for Photography, Rugby, Apple & Nature

Erin Dyer Erin Dyer

Photographer & Videographer

I’m a zealot for my family, classic film and new video trends.

Sheila Smith


I’m a zealot for numbers & Key Lime Pie.

Scott Galvin

Digital Strategist

I’m a zealot for analyzing data.

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