Tips from a Marketing Intern

Our wonderful summer intern, Danielle, was a delight and a big help to us at GRM. Majoring in Advertising with a minor in Communication Studies, she learned new skills and gained experience in social media marketing to prepare her in her future endeavors. Below, she shares her experience with us. “Coming into GRM as an intern, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I hoped to build on my previous abilities in social media marketing, but I never expected to take away an entirely new skillset. Since day one, each employee at GRM has confidently thrown projects my way. Not once did I leave the office for a “coffee run” or sit in on meetings with nothing to contribute. I truly felt like an active member of the team, sharing my ideas and directly assisting others in day-to-day client planning and marketing execution. As I enter my junior year at the University of Georgia, I am proud to say that, because of GRM, I am a step ahead of my fellow advertising peers. Not many interns can say that they have managed and executed social media for several clients, assisted in the creation of a non-profit marketing plan, and performed daily website maintenance for a national organization. Thank you, GRM, for sending me into the marketing world with great confidence and a thirst to continue learning.”

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