The Power of the Media

A free media is the instrument of free speech. It is a hallmark of our society. It separates us as a nation from others. Social media in particular elevates individual stories. Like any other media, it can also be abused. The following link is an example of ’social bullying.’ However, it cuts both ways. In this case, the cyber bullies were outed. Literally.

Warning: The attached link has very graphic language. Moreso, it has very disturbing and demeaning thoughts.

But, we depart from our normal posts to share the idea that though we may believe we are in an enlightened age, the world has more in slavery than at any point in history. And, apparently those that would hide behind a computer and say things they would never say in public.

Here’s to one man who chose to turn the media around for good.

Click here to read Curt Schilling’s post about his experiences with social media bullying.

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