The Fine Print

We strive to reduce or eliminate the ‘fine print’ from all ads or promotions. It immediately speaks to a consumer about lack of transparency. Sure, offer details are often necessary. And no, they don’t need to be the most prominent feature. But the art of building customer relationships relies on being straight-forward. Have honest intentions, not some sleight of hand. Witness this example. If you have applied for a trademark, you have experienced the steady stream of shady direct mail operators that prey on trademarks. They show up as “official registrations” or the like. Most are in the form of a bill. The look official in all regards; it would be easy for someone in accounting to accept that this is a bill for registering, protecting or somehow validating your owned trademark. Often with a Washington D.C. address to make it appear more legit. In fact, in the fine print someplace – at the bottom, at the back, or buried in the middle of a long legal description – are the magic words. “This is an offer to…” In fact, it is a slimy solication offer to be included in some registration listing or the like. Clearly, the most creative part of these mailers is the legal aspect. Extreme example. But don’t be that advertiser. Spend your creative time and budget developing a thoughtful campaign that will go viral for the right reasons.

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