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“What a Day for a Daydream …”

Facebook live is … well, a video that is posted “live”- in real time on Facebook. While the guests at The Kahala’s beach were likely more preoccupied with relaxing matters, viewers on Facebook apparently wanted to dream they were there. GRM’s recent video on at The Kahala drew 18,000 viewers in the first hour or […]

Viral Post of the Month: 94,416 Total Reach

When people can envision themselves in the setting… A recent post for The Kahala Hotel & Resort went viral, including 6,755 engagements. Cost per engagement was $0.02, versus travel & leisure industry average of $0.35. Breathtaking … both the view and the numbers!

Clients vist GRM!

It’s always great when our clients stop by our office! As tradition, our clients from Milani Cosmetics and The Kahala Hotel & Resort, shared what they’re zealots for.  

The Kahala Hotel & Resort – a Nice Place for a New Client!

There are road trips … and then there are airplane rides. In this case, just outside Honolulu, Hawaii is The Kahala Hotel & Resort, our new client. Our social leaders have already visited to get a head start on a new social media program. And, to of course, properly understand and experience ‘the product.’ Not […]