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The Millennials Are Coming

The Millennials Are Coming

Millennials are capturing the talk of marketers like no generation since the Boomers. To aid in your marketing plans – or pub conversations – here are some fast facts.

Who are the Millennials? The authors widely credited with coining the term defined this generation as born from 1982 to 2004. That is a widely divergent group – today aged from 11 to 33 years old.

Why the marketing buzz? They are the largest generation in terms of size, even exceeding Baby Boomers. And, by 2018, many expect they will drive 50% of purchase decisions.

Not surprisingly, there is debate about the characteristics of this group. Their beliefs and political stance are not easily categorized or compared based on past generation definitions.

What’s NOT in debate though? This is the generation born and bred on changing technology. That one statement offers great insight and clues into understanding this generation as we will explore.

Consider one final thought: 80% of Millennials sleep with their phone.