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What is Your Greatest Point of Pain?

A survey of marketing pros by Reveries magazine a few years back remains timely. Three significant “points of pain” emerged:

You. The biggest reported “pain” was someone else, either a client or an agency person. More than 80 respondents identified someone else as their biggest pain; either not understanding issues, plans, goals, strategies, not buying into programs, subverting or discounting them or abandoning them before completion.

Information. The second biggest cluster of “pain” focused on not having enough information. More than 60 respondents noted that they did not have enough sound information to guide them. Of these, there were at least 23 mentions of not having the tools to effectively evaluate ROI or other results, not having relevant information in general, not enough information to develop effective messages, to select or assign media to create plans.

Resources. The third cluster had to do with the “pain of not having enough” – i.e., budgets, people, time to getting things done, or adequate systems.

Several noteworthy comments from respondents:

“Lack of respect within my company for marketing as a profession. We are still in the mode of “anyone can be a marketer.”

“The greatest Point of Pain is to gain the customer insight.”

“The point of pain – marketing people having no clue as to what their value proposition is, with no passion or sense of custodianship. This lack of involvement simply trickles down to the consumer, who in turn is lambasted with tired and frustrating brand messages. The result, consumers devoid of any meaningful relationship with their brand.”

“I’m pained by clients that don’t think like customers, forget that they are customers too, and are too internally focused.”

Insights gleaned and applied:

Have a clear-cut marketing strategy. Define value of planned activities, expectations on results and ensure that it is understood and bought into upfront.

Information is certainly not the issue today. Sorting through data and knowing what matters and what is important to apply is the issue. Forming insights into strategy remains an art.

No passion = no connection with consumers. Act like a consumer, think like a consumer and find the point of passion, not pain.

FODAC: Truck Fundraising Success

FODAC: Truck Fundraising Success

Up until December 2015, FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children) hosted the majority of their fundraising campaigns in a traditional manner: meetings, mailings, and checks. But this December, FODAC had an immediate need for a new delivery truck. And we were confident FODAC’s social community could rally together to raise the $30,000 needed, which would be matched dollar-for-dollar by a donor. A steady email campaign, Facebook posts, video, and a social ad budget worked wonders. And by December 31st, their fundraising goal was not only met, it was exceeded. The new truck is being ordered and FODAC is going to be able to reach twice as many people, delivering and picking up equipment for those living with disabilities. What a great first-run with an online-driven fundraising campaign. We can’t wait to see what FODAC will accomplish in the future!
Viral Post of the Month: 94,416 Total Reach

Viral Post of the Month: 94,416 Total Reach

When people can envision themselves in the setting… A recent post for The Kahala Hotel & Resort went viral, including 6,755 engagements. Cost per engagement was $0.02, versus travel & leisure industry average of $0.35. Breathtaking … both the view and the numbers!
Be Contagious!

Be Contagious!

Probably not what your doctor suggests. But when it comes to marketing, isn’t that really what you want? To see your brand go viral. Be liked. Shared. For GRM, “be contagious” is an anthem. We desire to be contagious in the sense that we are those people, the kind sought out because they always add to the discussion. Our primary objective as an agency is to create and build zealots for our clients – create contagious content and campaigns. Just as importantly, we want to have a contagious spirit. Life is short. What we spend much of our waking hours engaged in should be fun.                
Rebranding: From Dated to Timeless.

Rebranding: From Dated to Timeless.

Often, when there is no new product or no new features, the advertising reverts to the time-old price promotion. Or in the case of Mauna Lani Resort, they persisted in promoting themselves as home of the Senior Skins golf. Only issue with that? They no longer were. In fact, they haven’t been the “home” for more than 10 years. Talk about a dated story. GRM used the same visual setting, but focused on the emotive story. This iconic scene is a golf setting, but the golf is secondary to the setting. And to the pure awe and slendor being experienced. How a dated visual – and brand – becomes a timeless and not-to-be-missed experience.
Introducing Milani’s new website.  GRM launches its most comprehensive site – yet!

Introducing Milani’s new website. GRM launches its most comprehensive site – yet!

You expect a cosmetics company to have a great look to its site. Milani Cosmetics is no exception – stunning visuals dominate. But it’s what’s underneath that separates this from most websites and well positions Milani against the category giants. At the end of the day, the Milani site is a combination of branding, navigational ease and commerce.  Credits go to: the internal Milani team, Team Internet Marketing, L.A. Productions, and of course GRM. Easily the most comprehensive site we’ve developed. Some highlights:
  • Clean, easy to navigate design
  • Ask a Beauty Advisor feature
  • Social integration throughout
  • Both customer and expert reviews of products
  • Italian-inspired blog
  • How-to videos
  • Full spanish site
  • Ability to create a personalized wish list
  • Always free shipping on orders over $25
  • Color combination recommendations for products
  • Custom vegan shopping experience
  • Ability to purchase e-gift cards
Milani Cosmetics was named as one of the top 20 performing beauty brands in social media from January-June 2014 by Beauty Inc. of WWD. Check out the new website at and let us know what you think.
Ignite the passions and watch your brand become viral.

Ignite the passions and watch your brand become viral.

From a staid, governmental sounding brand (Juvenile Justice Foundation) to a completely new name (youthSpark) and look that excites its zealots and builds the rally cry for abused youth. “There is no more meaningful work that the FBI participates in than rescuing children,” James Comey FBI Director. Nor for GRM.
Visuals captivate in a way that words can never express.

Visuals captivate in a way that words can never express.

Transformed this fledging organization – CURE Childhood Cancer – into the look of a leader. The results: from 5,000 to 110,000 followers and from $850k to more than $4 million in donations annually. Gained the attention of supporters, key bloggers, the media and yes, key donors. Kristin Connor, Executive Director: “SOOOOO much credit has to be given to the incredible marketing effort we have staged with GRM… you HAVE to feel proud. Your work is making SUCH a difference in the lives of many.”  Humbled, that is all.
A brand should be big enough to grow. And inspire.

A brand should be big enough to grow. And inspire.

Outgrew their geography. Outgrew their business plan. From Fayette Youth Protection Home (yep, that’s a mouthful) to Bloom. Now, a name that allows room to grow and be the leading foster parenting organization in the state of Georgia.