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Tips from a Marketing Intern

Tips from a Marketing Intern

Our wonderful summer intern, Danielle, was a delight and a big help to us at GRM. Majoring in Advertising with a minor in Communication Studies, she learned new skills and gained experience in social media marketing to prepare her in her future endeavors. Below, she shares her experience with us. “Coming into GRM as an intern, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I hoped to build on my previous abilities in social media marketing, but I never expected to take away an entirely new skillset. Since day one, each employee at GRM has confidently thrown projects my way. Not once did I leave the office for a “coffee run” or sit in on meetings with nothing to contribute. I truly felt like an active member of the team, sharing my ideas and directly assisting others in day-to-day client planning and marketing execution. As I enter my junior year at the University of Georgia, I am proud to say that, because of GRM, I am a step ahead of my fellow advertising peers. Not many interns can say that they have managed and executed social media for several clients, assisted in the creation of a non-profit marketing plan, and performed daily website maintenance for a national organization. Thank you, GRM, for sending me into the marketing world with great confidence and a thirst to continue learning.”
Are You The Intern We’re Looking For?

Are You The Intern We’re Looking For?

Why do you want to intern? You’re looking for an opportunity to gain school credit? You are seeking to get real-world experience? You’re ready to launch your career? You had an advertising campaigns class and really liked it? Mom or Dad said you have to get out of the house and do something? Those are all nice reasons. But those are not us. We’re looking for one intern. That one. We’re about creating more zealots for our clients. We’re zealots for our clients. We’re zealots about our work. Our intern? That one? A zealot. A zealot for inventing, creating, solving, satisfying and doing. Our interns are on the firing line.  No hiding here. No auditing our program. You’re in the game. Real work. Real involvement with clients. Real problems to solve. Real opportunity. We’re looking, too. For that one. Passionate. Intelligent. Witty. Teammate. Winner. A Zealot for Life. Our internship is not a “give back to the community” program. We’re looking for the one individual who is bursting to get in the game, start practicing their craft and change the way marketing happens. Our interns get to do a lot of work. It usually results in a real job. Because they will have proven they can do real work. Guest Relations Marketing is eight years old. We’re still a kid. But we love having interns and have even hired a few of them or helped place them in great positions. The partners of Guest Relations established an intern program at their previous agency. The program became so renowned that other agencies called to interview and hire our interns. Nothing fancy here. Just a great opportunity. For a great intern. Are you the one? Tell us why. Email April Voris at  

The requirements: Primary Objectives of the Program:
  • Provide a “real world” learning experience
  • Cross-platform training & project execution
  • Emphasis on social media
  Program Opportunities & Requirements:
  • Intended as major course credit/learning
  • Available starting:  Fall
  • 30 – 35 hours per week / 90-day commitment required
  • $500 stipend
  Basic Duties:
  • Get an overall view of full scope of marketing duties and interaction, through participation in internal and client meetings
  • Develop a project essentially from start to finish, including presentation to the client
  • Assist team in developing specific recommendations, projects or analyses in support of client or agency programs
  • Deep dive into social media use for marketing
  • Other as approved by specific program outline
  Internship Program May Include:
  • Competitive interview process
  • DISC or other profile analysis
  • Educational platform that may include such topics as:
  • Marketing 101: Agency vs. client-side
  • How to effectively work with your clients
  • Traffic, project management & time management
  • Account planning & research
  • Importance of great creative
  • The new media frontier
  • Social media training
  • Effective e-Communication & database management
  • Presentations, communications, and brand you
  • Networking & industry event opportunities
  • Mid-point and final performance review
  • Demonstration of high interest/passion for advertising profession
  • Good communication skills, particularly writing ability
  • Flexible, team-oriented
  • Advertising, marketing or related major emphasis
  • Junior, senior or recent graduate
  Program Contact:
  • Submit the following three items:
  • Your resume
  • One thing you are a Zealot for (and why)
  • Best example of your writing capabilities
  • Submit to April Voris:
Danielle Grinzaid: Our Latest & Greatest Intern

Danielle Grinzaid: Our Latest & Greatest Intern

Danielle is keeping herself busy this summer, joining GRM as a marketing intern. Danielle is an Atlanta native and is currently on break between her Sophomore and Junior year at the University of Georgia. Lover of red velvet cupcakes, music, and Sigma Delta Tau, she is making herself quite at home in the GRM office. Danielle is excited to try her hand at marketing for the first time in the “real world” and is especially loving GRM’s cosmetics clients. Who wouldn’t?