Milani Social Media Cracks Top Ten!

GRM's social media work for Milani Cosmetics continues to pay dividends. Tribe Dynamics listed Milani as the number 8 cosmetic brand in social influence and earned media value. For July, Milani earned $4.9 million in media value and beat out Covergirl, among others. "Milani Cosmetics' presence in Tribe's July Top 10 was not an accident. The brand excelled... at targeting some of the more influential color make-up ambassadors. These type of ambassador programs are attractive to marketers looking to maximize earned media at minimal cost," said Tribe. "The genuine excitement present in these posts is relatable, and gives consumers a sense of comfort and reassurance attached to their perception of the brand. From authencity comes trust, and finally loyalty and advocacy." Tribe Dynamics' proprietary data and digital expertise are featured on an ongoing basis by Beauty Inc of WWD.

Online Reviews. Fear Them … Or Not?

We’ve seen several companies decide to not jump into the social media arena … because of fear. One fear we’ve heard is that regular participation in social media will lead to increased scrutiny and negative feedback or reviews. In fact, just the opposite is true. A good synopsis of how to approach reviews, courtesy of The Hartford small business group:

Do your online donations look like this?

If your online sales or donations trend line doesn’t make the ‘hockey stick’ shape that CURE Childhood Cancer has garnered, then perhaps you need to rethink some things. And have a conversation with Sarah Scott, GRM’s Manager of Online Marketing.
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