Social Engagement Skyrockets

Facebook has been very upfront - advertising dollars are the only way to increase reach. But CURE Childhood Cancer has something up their sleeve: a powerful group of Zealots. In an era where Facebook's organic reach is down - FAR down - CURE's social engagement is skyrocketing. This September, CURE saw a 296% growth in engagement over September of 2013. Take that, Facebook.

Why Creativity Matters. Especially Today.

It is a great time to be in the creative business. With just a digital camera and a post on a social media site, you are on your way. Of course, the holy trinity of creativity still applies: make it relevant, distinctive and interesting. Do that and you may create your own 'media.' This post used child labor (my niece), used markers, new poster board and about 30 minutes of time. The post generated 3,700 shares. Pew Research Center estimates the average number of friends by Facebook users is 338. Do the math - this post potentially generated 1,250,600 viewers. Compare that to CNN primetime that reaches 456,000.  CNN commericals can run up to $30,000 per 30-second spot. Still wonder why companies are running to social media?

Milani Social Media Cracks Top Ten!

GRM's social media work for Milani Cosmetics continues to pay dividends. Tribe Dynamics listed Milani as the number 8 cosmetic brand in social influence and earned media value. For July, Milani earned $4.9 million in media value and beat out Covergirl, among others. "Milani Cosmetics' presence in Tribe's July Top 10 was not an accident. The brand excelled... at targeting some of the more influential color make-up ambassadors. These type of ambassador programs are attractive to marketers looking to maximize earned media at minimal cost," said Tribe. "The genuine excitement present in these posts is relatable, and gives consumers a sense of comfort and reassurance attached to their perception of the brand. From authencity comes trust, and finally loyalty and advocacy." Tribe Dynamics' proprietary data and digital expertise are featured on an ongoing basis by Beauty Inc of WWD.
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