Pinterest = The Current Point-of-Sale

We just read a very intriguing take on how traditional touchpoints (point-of-sale) are intersecting with new ones (social media). In a recent interview in Atlantic Monthly, Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp says, “discovery is this thing that people do all the time right now in stores, in museums, in physical space. So many of our public physical spaces are organized around a collection and they are organized to help you access and browse through that collection to find the things you find meaningful. Retail is a natural fit with Pinterest… because you’re doing on Pinterest what you do in a store.” You’re browsing. And then maybe buying. Sharp differentiates Pinterest from Google and Facebook. Google answers questions or locates information. Facebook is all about sharing your life with your friends. He says Pinterest is “about yourself… [and] it’s about the things you want in your life, the possibilities.”

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