April Voris, Partner. Zealot for Coca-Cola, The University of Alabama, Seagrove Beach and a good glass of wine.

Michael Tyre, Managing Partner. Zealot for Apple, Starbucks and all things baseball.

Amanda Kirkland, Producer. Zealot for Antiques, Animals, Trivia & Craft Beer.

Chris Jacobs, Creative Direction & Writing. Zealot for Nikon Cameras.

Jan Moore, Direct. Zealot for driving fast on twisty and winding roads.

Lindy Gross, Copywriting. Zealot for great books.

Rick Kourchenko, Creative Direction & Writing. Zealot for the Florida Gators.

Rick Grimsley, Graphic Design. Zealot for coaching youth sports, UGA football and well executed branding.

Jan Sharrow, Graphic Design. Zealot for Apple, The Weather Channel, Labradors, Cabot, Crest toothpaste, Torani and soda stream.