GRM is about building referral.

Harvard Business Review concluded: “The #1 indicator of long-term brand profitability: the likelihood of customers to refer that brand to their friends.”

“You are quite correct…most all business today is conducted on a short term basis. The most successful will be run from a long term perspective, but many public & LB organizations will never permit that. I can appreciate the learning. It does require a long term plan and the discipline of sticking with the plan.”
Doug Ivester, retired Chairman, Coca-Cola Company
How Valuable is Social Media, Really?

When it comes to creating a successful social media program, three core issues need to play together:  build following; create engagement; sales action.  What drives this?  Content. Great content is not simply posting or promoting a product. It’s really knowing the target (down to stereotyping an individual person). It is also constantly refining and adjusting […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Stories

Let’s talk about Instagram Stories. Stories are seriously such an easy tool to use to connect to and grow your followers in a creative and personal way. Even though Reels is now the king of content, Instagram stories should not be left by the wayside. With more than one billion users, you may as well […]

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Five Reasons to Consider Rebranding

If you believe you have an issue with more than one of the following, then you should consider rebranding.  Typically, companies that need rebranding will have questions in multiple areas. Market Perspective: has the marketplace shifted due to competition, new product entry, sales or distribution and your brand has lost some relevance or traction as […]

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