Online Customer Service Lagging? Call GRM.

Last year, a client noticed that GRM staffers were responding to their customer issues on social media so quickly and in a more appropriate ‘brand voice’ than their internal team. So they asked us to take on all of their online customer service.

We gulped. Agencies always like new assignments. But customer service? For a marketing agency? That’s a new one. Then it hit home. We are about creating zealots, and the number one way to build zealotry moments is in handling complaints, questions or frustrating issues. So actually, it seemed a logical and natural extension of what we do as a company.

We are eight months into the assignment and it is no longer an experiment. The perceptual barriers just haven’t materialized. The client is happy and we have established a working process. If you’d like to hear more about our customer service work and see the process and analytics, send us an email. We’ll be glad to give you a quick tour.

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