From Loyalty to Zealotry

“Zealotry Marketing” is about creating programs that have a primary goal of generating referral. If referral is the best indicator of long-term profitability, then it made sense to us to use that as the starting point for creating marketing programs – not merely looking at referral as an indirect end result.   This has led us to a revolutionary perspective on the classic marketing principles of targeting, what is creative and how social media can be an effective touch point.   And, heresy for old-school marketing types – the idea that the most effective marketing may well come from operations and service delivery. This is the story of Zealotry Marketing. Where loyalty begins with a company exceeding a customer’s expectation.   An approach that can be integrated into any company. And, doesn’t require so-called marketing pros. It does require a sensitivity and commitment to exceeding customer expectations. We believe zealotry marketing transforms the traditional loyalty equation.   What are you doing to create zealots?

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