Can Your Brand Withstand Your Fans?

Nike, Amazon and Trader Joe’s. Not brands associated with Millennials. Yet, they have something in common with Millennial-driven brands. They are adaptable to change. It has allowed them to cross generations of buyers and remain current, competitive and a leader.

We are in the ‘earthquake’ era of communications. Your brand story has to be big enough and resilient enough to handle social comments, reviews, referrals – all the ways a brand is communicated by someone other than the company.

Amazon is floating the idea of drone delivery  – which is probably not resonating so much with Boomers. But with Millennials, it demonstrates an inventive edge that feels more like a start-up than a category killer. The fact that the F.A.A. has initially shot down this concept likely only increases Amazon’s stature among government-distrusting Millennials.

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