Visuals captivate in a way that words can never express.

Transformed this fledging organization - CURE Childhood Cancer - into the look of a leader. The results: from 5,000 to 110,000 followers and from $850k to more than $4 million in donations annually. Gained the attention of supporters, key bloggers, the media and yes, key donors. Kristin Connor, Executive Director: “SOOOOO much credit has to be given to the incredible marketing effort we have staged with GRM... you HAVE to feel proud. Your work is making SUCH a difference in the lives of many.”  Humbled, that is all.

A brand should be big enough to grow. And inspire.

Outgrew their geography. Outgrew their business plan. From Fayette Youth Protection Home (yep, that’s a mouthful) to Bloom. Now, a name that allows room to grow and be the leading foster parenting organization in the state of Georgia.

It really is simple. Everyone wants more zealots.

Mauna Lani Resort was caught in the sea of seasonal promotions that created a negatively-spiraling, price-driven perception. GRM repositioned the brand by taking advantage of a natural and historical perspective: the resort resided on the land that served as the retreat of ancient kings. I mean, it can’t get much more authentic Hawaii than that. By connecting the heritage of ancient kings to the brand experience, Mauna Lani ignited the passion of seasoned, upscale travelers. The result: 5 straight years of increasing ADR, occupancy rates and overall sales. People will pay for an authentic experience that is correctly woven through branding.
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