Want to be Shared? Get Emotional.

Great creative has always been about uncovering and amplifying the emotive reasons to consider a brand.

Emotional benefits build value and are far more ‘brandable’ than typical product attributes.

Now, comes a study that says emotional headlines get shared more. Surprised?

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4 Reasons Twitter Reigns Supreme in Social Customer Service

The Twitterverse is full of organic (and more recently, targeted) customer interactions with brands, companies, sports teams, celebrities, spokespersons and the list goes on. People often use Twitter to give or receive a retweet of approval, to ask a question or to offer personal reviews of a service or product. The downside, however, is that negative customer experiences voiced on Twitter can result in a loss of sales and customer support, if left unresolved. Why Twitter? You may be thinking that Facebook should be included in this list when it comes to building optimal customer service.  Although this channel is undeniably an important element of your company’s social presence, there are a few minor details that help Twitter stand out:  
  1. Responsiveness
The key in relationship management is to provide customers the empathy or action they seek in the quickest amount of time. To be heard or comment on Twitter, just an @, #hashtag or keyword search is needed.  Simple as that. And that leads us to the next point.
  1. Simplicity
Twitter’s 140-character limit can be a hinderance when telling a long, drawn out story, but for customers that just want a short and sweet explanation, it is the perfect solution. When you tweet, keep it short and sweet. (Maybe throw in a rhyme or two while you're at it. Totally kidding.)
  1. Accessibility
Mobile compatibility makes almost all of our social media channels accessible wherever we go, and tweets function almost like texting. Links also push Twitter ahead of the crowd because users can access multiple links from the same home feed if they need to look up information quickly.
  1. Visibility
 With Twitter, what you see is what you get. There is no need to access separate pages for company information because everything is visible on a scrolling timeline either as words or as links.
Because positive social interaction leads to increased sales and strong brand reputation, using Twitter as a customer service tool while keeping these 4 points in mind can mean big bucks for your business. Anything you’d like to add to the list? Give us a shout! @findingzealots

New Assignment: Online Customer Service.

An interesting twist in the world of “zealotry marketing.” GRM has been handed the assignment of handling online customer service. Perhaps, not the traditional role of a marketing agency. But then again, GRM has long veered from that path. A 5 percent increase in customer retention can generate a 75 percent increase in profitability, according to Forrester. So with the rate of online cart abandonment at 72 percent across retail, the need to identify strategies for driving customer loyalty and reducing drop-off is clear. Why GRM? Our client requested we take on the assignment because we ‘speak the brand voice’ and respond faster than their internal channels. They correctly see that customer interaction is simply another touchpoint of brand engagement. Want to talk customer service?
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