From Loyalty to Zealotry

“Zealotry Marketing” is about creating programs that have a primary goal of generating referral. If referral is the best indicator of long-term profitability, then it made sense to us to use that as the starting point for creating marketing programs – not merely looking at referral as an indirect end result.   This has led us to a revolutionary perspective on the classic marketing principles of targeting, what is creative and how social media can be an effective touch point.   And, heresy for old-school marketing types – the idea that the most effective marketing may well come from operations and service delivery. This is the story of Zealotry Marketing. Where loyalty begins with a company exceeding a customer’s expectation.   An approach that can be integrated into any company. And, doesn’t require so-called marketing pros. It does require a sensitivity and commitment to exceeding customer expectations. We believe zealotry marketing transforms the traditional loyalty equation.   What are you doing to create zealots?

Oracle: Social is Major Part of CRM

“We are entering a new phase for social that sees it growing from just a “marketing” thing to something that provides value across marketing, sales, service, commerce, and more. The growing wealth of customer insights social provides is a major reason why. Today, any CRM system missing social is missing a major piece of the customer puzzle.” - Oracle.

New Client: healthy mama!

GRM continues to build its portfolio of clients targeting Moms with the exciting appointment as agency for healthy mama! healthy mama is a brand of Maternal Science, located in New Jersey. The healthy mama brand offers organic, safe and doctor approved products designed specifically for pregnant women. Spread the word about the availability of healthy mama remedies to the pregnant moms you know.
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