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We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Engagement Specialist


  • Take approved plans and strategy and make happen executionally. Be the benevolent Guardian and Curator of our client’s social media community.
  • Make a difference in client’s business through distinctive social content and engagement.

Social Media Execution

Manage and lead the build of social posts for the month.

  • Schedule and execution of posts for assigned clients, including repurposed content 
  • Create client ready social content calendars for approval for assigned clients
  • Determine elements (visual; post details) needed based on plans
  • Work with team to ensure creative is being executed per schedule
  • Design sensibility and execution for various social platforms
  • Ad buying knowledge/experience

Online Engagement / Response:

Create and actively lead social engagements for clients.

  • Respond to client social site comments (one-to-one engagements)
  • Learn and create opportunities to extend engagements

Project Management:

Managing delivery and reporting on results. Artful at creating results through execution.

  • Project status reporting
  • Compile monthly analytics and results
  • Coordination of deliverables based on schedule and timeline
  • Manage timing on getting work done by team
  • Social ad spend coordination and placement

Key Competencies:

  • 2 to 4 years of experience: enough to know how the platforms work and you are not ‘starting out,’; you can execute competently but are hungry to learn and improve your game.
  • Writing skills – ability to engage and persuade through copy. A visual sense is also helpful to convey “the story” in pictures.
  • Ability to lead – good at the art of getting what they need from others in a likeable manner (people take their calls).
  • Proactive management – can pro-actively translate to action; keep team informed.
  • Great at managing details – client nuances; social analytics; schedules.
  • Organized – can take plans and efficiently translate to schedules and responsibilities.
  • Multi-tasker – ability to juggle multiple clients and flexible to changing priorities.
  • Learner – constantly mining for valuable insights and potential improvements; current and continued knowledge of platforms.

If this sounds like a potential fit for you, please reply with cover note of what you are passionate about and your resume to:

The Telltale Signs of a Winning Social Media Program

The Telltale Signs of a Winning Social Media Program

Here is a quick primer on how to eyeball a social media page and determine if further investigation is warranted. Many marketing directors or CEOs understand the need to be on social media, but believe social platforms are like other media, in that placement ensures visibility and reach.  Social platforms are unique from traditional media and failure to adhere to their changing recommended practices will severely undercut performance. 

Pull up a social media page.  Yours, a competitor, or simply a brand you like.  Do you recognize any of these traits on the social media page?

  • inconsistent posts (multiple posts in a day; gaps of several days to weeks between posts)
  • content that is mostly about promotions or events
  • no acknowledgement or response to comments or reviews
  • limited or no video 
  • reactive, last-minute posting
  • posts that receive limited to no engagements (shares, comments, clicks, emoticons)


If several of these behaviors (or lack thereof) is present, an outside opinion or more detailed audit is likely warranted. Not addressing or resolving these fundamental practices will result in platform algorithms severely restricting visibility of what posts are made. 

Social media, requires work daily.  If for no other reason but to respond timely to followers.  This is an online community and silence from the page manager is not golden. 

Content matters.  Greatly.  Lack of engagement is the number one criteria for a social media page’s success.  Facebook is now favoring “reactions” and comments over likes. That means you need to work harder on creating content engaging enough to encourage your followers to leave their reaction on your post. By doing so, the algorithm will automatically award your Facebook page. It will put it more often on a concrete user’s newsfeed as it will be recognized as something that he or she enjoys more than other content available on Facebook.

The One Reason to Use Social Media.

The One Reason to Use Social Media.

Engagement is not a digital marketing term, nor was it created as a result.  Interestingly,  the concept of engagement goes back to at least 1898.  An American advertising and sales pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis authored a book, Financial Advertising, in which he introduced what is now the classic sales tool based on the  four mechanisms of personal selling: attention, interest, desire, and action. 

Social media is first and foremost an engagement opportunity. How many times would you like to dialog with readers or get deeper feedback from an ad campaign? Social media is the one media that is designed to do that.  

Consider these stats:
91% – Visit the brand’s website or application
89% – Buy from the brand
85% – Recommend that brand to a family or friend
84% – Choose that brand over a competitor
84% – Visit the brand’s physical retail store75% – Increase their spending with that brand
74% – Reach out for customer service or support
74% – Read that brand’s blog or site content
source: Influencer Marketing Hub  

Engagement measures didn’t start with social media, but its added capabilities significantly increase the ability for marketers and their agencies to build brands.

While marketers and agencies are still tasked with creating compelling content and context, the consumer now plays a more active role.  It’s the viewer, however, that chooses to watch,  to, spend time on, interact with and perhaps share the content with their friends.  Accordingly, smart marketers are creating content specific to social media  based on  understanding, modeling and measuring this opportunity.

Consider engagement with your followers and prospects as the number one objective of social media. The rest follows. 

The Reasons to Keep Social Media In-House. One reason is Missing.

The Reasons to Keep Social Media In-House. One reason is Missing.

The reasons marketing directors say they want to keep social media in-house is quite varied (and some quite humorous):

  • “we don’t have the budget”
  • “social media is not a priority”
  • “our team is handling it okay”
  • “we don’t believe an outside group understands our brand”
  • “we don’t have time to explain what we are doing to an agency”
  • “we don’t want people to get too involved on Facebook”
  • “our experience has not been good”

Notice what is missing.  Cannot recall one marketing director ever saying their internal team gets better results than handing off to an agency.  So, what does that tell you?

One, they don’t really have a definition or expectation of what success should look like.  Therefore, it is hard to establish goals, build a plan to those objectives and hold those working social to account for performance.  Second, there is no bona fide game plan … building a proactive plan, creating content specific to social media, understanding and applying best practices.

Decades ago, clients recognized the advantage of hiring agencies to execute advertising.  Agencies traditionally have offered strategic expertise, creative talent and media planning and placement know-how that came to be viewed as essential to savvy marketers.  Social media is the most efficient and effective advertising going today.  Why wouldn’t you bring on a shop to take advantage?  Trust us, your competitors are … for a reason.  Companies not taking advantage of social media are likely marketing at a competitive disadvantage. 

As for “understanding the brand,” agencies have not only written, voiced and produced in ‘brand voice” for decades, but most great brand communications came from an agency.  Agencies employ pros who know the difference between good and bad and stake their reputation and careers on what they produce. 

Is your current social media resource willing to put their career on the line?   GRM, like other shops passionate about their work, recognizes our reputation and business is based on delivering quality work and impact – results!  If you don’t have the answer what you should expect from social media, then a conversation is in order.

Your Visibility on LinkedIn Just Received a “Boost.”

Your Visibility on LinkedIn Just Received a “Boost.”

B2B advertisers now have a new social advertising option through LinkedIn.  LinkedIn announced the introduction of boosting posts or events directly from your feed.  There are conditions as noted below, but this is potentially a major opportunity to get at hard-to-reach business audiences.

Similar to other social advertising, you will be able to choose a goal for the “boost” (site visits, post awareness, event awareness, post engagement or video views.)

There are some conditions:  posts can only be boosted one time, and only single image posts and events can be enhanced at this time. Posts containing surveys, documents, job postings or articles are currently not eligible for boost. 

How is this different from current LinkedIn advertising? It is already possible to transition an organic post into a paid ad, but it takes more steps and expertise through LinkedIn’s campaign manager tool.  The boost button, on the other hand, can be used by anyone directly from their company’s LinkedIn page.  At this time, boosting a post is available only for company pages, not personal pages, but there are ways to integrate the two.

Cost is expected to be in line with existing LinkedIn ads. 

Unsure how to proceed?  Reach out to our team to discuss.

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