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GRM Wins EMMY for Television Campaign

GRM Wins EMMY for Television Campaign

GRM’s television campaign for CURE Childhood Cancer was awarded the southeast EMMY for nonprofit television at the recent awards show in Atlanta. We are particularly pleased that the incredible story of a Kennedy Cobble, a true warrior against the ravages of cancer, gains additional exposure!  

Check out CURE Childhood Cancer below:

Is Social Media a Program Expense?  We Can Show You How.

Is Social Media a Program Expense? We Can Show You How.

A carefully crafted social media program engages both your ‘zealots’ and others interested in your cause. It also can be legitimately be categorized as a program expense. We can explain how. Social is not primarily a fundraising vehicle. It is a necessary for getting the word out on specific programs, for providing timely information on evidences of mission and most importantly, engaging followers in online conversations related to mission and programs.
Three Tricks to Better Storytelling.

Three Tricks to Better Storytelling.

Lori Jacobwith speaks to a number of groups on the value of better storytelling to aid fundraising. She has a six-step process she shares widely with groups. ln particular, we amplify three key points: 1. Make the story personal, about a real person. Telling their story to another person. 2. Connect outcome or impact to something that your organization provides. 3. Keep it moving, keep it emotive and keep it short.
Vision and Mission.  The Key to Donor Engagement.

Vision and Mission. The Key to Donor Engagement.

In Jeopardy the answer would be, “vision and mission.” Any veteran development professional will know the correct question: “What motivates donors to give to charity?” The fund raiser’s ability to express with clarity and passion an organization’s vision and mission lies at the heart of the development process. We design and present our message to appeal to the hearts and minds of prospective donors, and the strength of our appeal determines our success.
Google is Going Mobile.  Is Your Brand?

Google is Going Mobile. Is Your Brand?

Google is penalizing non-mobile responsive sites. Here are some tips to help your site: Facebook Instant articles. These articles are an easy way to optimize pages for mobile visitors and decrease load times. Blogging. An excellent platform to reach potential followers as it resonates with search terms. Installing a donate button on Facebook. Live stream. Using Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook’s live stream feature are excellent ways to engage supporters. By making the most of social media applications and opportunities, organizations can improve their search ranking and thereby reach a larger interested audience.  

Check if your site is mobile friendly below:

When to Rebrand?  Sooner than Later.

When to Rebrand? Sooner than Later.

There are many reasons … But, the process should start earlier than you think. Most believe rebrand is the last step in the process. Once the need is apparent, rebranding should be the first step. Rebranding impacts all subsequent work … allows for intentional brand culture to flow inward and then externally. Typically most think external needs first, but the really good brands happen by seeding their language, culture and look internally before they reach out to their external audiences. “Bloom is about to embark on another growth spurt to take us up to the next level. We are looking to take The Bloom Closet statewide and our board is considering a capital campaign in support.  The rebranding program through GRM  perfectly positions us to go forward to new audiences without missing a beat. We have a new brand look and feel that is both well-positioned and aspirational enough to fit our board’s ambitions.” – Becky Davenport, Executive Director.
Now, You Can Fundraise Directly On Facebook.

Now, You Can Fundraise Directly On Facebook.

Facebook has begun rolling out a tool that’ll enable nonprofits to create campaign fundraisers on their site. This will allow friends and followers to donate money within Facebook itself. In tests, Facebook noted the nonprofit-created fundraiser pages that performed best were those that included compelling human-interest stories. “We need to create more personal channels for the fundraiser creators to communicate with potential donors.” It is a great tool for non profits to be able to utilize. Facebook is the #1 time spent site on the internet. Another reason to gear up your social program. We’re here to help!

Find out how to add a Donate button on your page below:

User Generated Content  vs. Brand Generated.  Why it is really not a question of which is better.

User Generated Content vs. Brand Generated. Why it is really not a question of which is better.

So, what works better – user generated content or content published by brands, news agencies or other professional sources. There is a lot of conversation on this subject. But it is not as one-sided as you might think. According to Forrester Research, only 14 percent of US consumers trust an ad created by a brand compared to 48 percent of users who trust the words, pictures and videos created by other consumers. Their take: carefully crafted calls to action from ad agencies are no match for the unvarnished truth shown in user-generated videos, shaky camera shots and all. But, not so fast. User-generated content was usually not present among the most prominent stories, according to an in-depth analysis by communication professors at Northwestern University. On average, only 1 in 100 most prominent stories were contributions from the public. Even greater, only 1 in 1,000 stories of the most-viewed on these sites were user generated. So, what does all this mean? First, agencies like GRM have a reason for being. Placement is strategic, analytical and often purchased. Most importantly, content that is framed for consumers to participate (engage) in an interesting way and in conversational terms works best. It’s not just that user generated content is better, it is too often brand-driven content is incorrectly written and is devoid of true engagement characteristics. Incidentally, the visual is an example of a ‘user generated video’ that was actually agency directed in terms of message and direction.
2nd Opinion on Your Social Media Strategy?

2nd Opinion on Your Social Media Strategy?

Not sure if your social media is all it should be? Need that outside perspective to convince the bosses there is a better way to use social media? For a limited time, GRM’s social analytics team will offer a complimentary written report that looks at factors impacting engagement, brand story amplification, driving specific actions, competitive ranking and impact on search and web traffic. Respond to
Bringing the Brand to the Social Media Post.

Bringing the Brand to the Social Media Post.

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