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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Stories

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram Stories

Let’s talk about Instagram Stories.

Stories are seriously such an easy tool to use to connect to and grow your followers in a creative and personal way. Even though Reels is now the king of content, Instagram stories should not be left by the wayside. With more than one billion users, you may as well use every tool in the platform to grow your brand.

Why are Instagram Stories Important?

Instagram stories are a way to let your followers in. They can get a peek behind-the-scenes into who is behind the brand and what it’s made of. It is a great way to tell your followers who you are without crowding their feeds with post after post.

By giving your followers an additional insight into what your brand stands for, it builds trust and offers them a chance to connect with you on a personal level. If you don’t let your audience know who you are, you are forgoing possible connections with future customers.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Instagram Stories.

Tip #1: Tell a Story with your Stories

Instagram Stories can tell a richer story compared to the individual pictures on your feed. Your stories should ALWAYS have a purpose.

Tip #2: Stories are still part of your Brand

Even though stories are your chance to get really creative, they should still follow your brand standards! Align styling and fonts with your overall brand standards!

Tip #3: Add Hashtags!

Instagram will allow you to use a maximum of 10 hashtags to make your stories more searchable. This will increase your potential reach beyond your followers. But no one likes to look at a story full of text. You can shrink your hashtags down, make them the color of your background and hide them behind a sticker to disguise your hashtags from your story viewers.

Tip #4: Consistency is Key

Consistency is one of the easiest ways to increase your story views. By posting stories daily, the Instagram algorithm will begin to favor your stories and show them to more people. 

Tip #5: Get to know Story Analytics

Get to know this feature to figure out your performance and what your next move should be. Are people who aren’t following you watching your stories? Are people watching the whole story, or exiting before the 15 seconds is up? Are your hashtags working? Analytics can help you figure out what is and what isn’t working so you can adjust your strategy.


Let us know if these tips help you with your social media strategy!

Five Reasons to Consider Rebranding

Five Reasons to Consider Rebranding

If you believe you have an issue with more than one of the following, then you should consider rebranding.  Typically, companies that need rebranding will have questions in multiple areas.

  • Market Perspective: has the marketplace shifted due to competition, new product entry, sales or distribution and your brand has lost some relevance or traction as a result?
  • Customer Shift: has the category shifted and your targeting/brand messaging has not?

As new customers enter the category, is your brand speaking to them?

  • New Offering: has your product or service changed?  new extension or new offering? how does it fit with your existing or past brand communications?  how does your core target relate?
  • Status Quo: the marketplace is rapidly changing, especially due to digital media. Is your brand up to date and built for the digital media age? This is a major issue for many established brands.
  • Shift in sales strategies: targeting new markets, change in pricing strategy, packaging or partnering are all potential ways to cause brand relevancy to drift.  Alignment of brand to current sales is critical.

We recommend a strategic exploration to define the issues and brand relevance before you embark on any marketing execution.  Often, companies make a go/no go decision and bypass the step of investing a little money and time in defining the strategy.  Taking this relatively short and inexpensive step may save lots of wasted budget down the road.