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The Death of Advertising? Not So Fast …

Our success in social media is due in no small way to practicing the same fundamentals used in traditional ad campaigns … and not simply pushing out ‘posts’. Content (or creative) has always mattered. Greatly. More from our friend Patrick Scullin:

A Riveting Story … The Power of Video

Sometimes the best communications is simply letting someone tell their story. Meet Kennedy Coble, but before you press play, have the tissues ready. #Inspirational.      

Viral Post of the Month: 94,416 Total Reach

When people can envision themselves in the setting… A recent post for The Kahala Hotel & Resort went viral, including 6,755 engagements. Cost per engagement was $0.02, versus travel & leisure industry average of $0.35. Breathtaking … both the view and the numbers!

From Loyalty to Zealotry

“Zealotry Marketing” is about creating programs that have a primary goal of generating referral. If referral is the best indicator of long-term profitability, then it made sense to us to use that as the starting point for creating marketing programs – not merely looking at referral as an indirect end result.   This has led us […]

The Most Popular Topics on Facebook Are …

Klout notes the five most popular topics are music, television, holidays, software and religion. Consider, like any other media, that advertising is an intrusion to what the reader is really interested in. How do you become interesting? Same advertising conversation, just in a new skin.