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Pinterest = The Current Point-of-Sale

We just read a very intriguing take on how traditional touchpoints (point-of-sale) are intersecting with new ones (social media). In a recent interview in Atlantic Monthly, Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp says, “discovery is this thing that people do all the time right now in stores, in museums, in physical space. So many of our public […]

Can Social Media Create Sales?

For those who view social media as a non-core marketing function, they typically see it as soft and not driving sales. As a veteran of the ad business, social media can directly drive sales – in bunches – in the right scenario. We just completed a full year as the first social media agency of […]

Jumping On Board the Electric Vehicle Ride

GRM has been selected as the social media agency for a significant venture. We’re not officially supposed to announce the client, so read this link from the Atlanta Business Chronicle for some clues. Georgia is a high-growth state. Atlanta is the #2 metro area in the nation for sales of electric vehicles (EVs). GRM has […]

Elaina Polson – Our New Producer

Someone you meet at a seminar might be your next employee. Elaina impressed with her questions, insight and most importantly, wit. Sarah, our Director of Online Marketing, nearly hired her on the spot. Some further due diligence, a little courtship, and Elaina joined our staff in November. She is already rocking it and making a huge […]