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Social Engagement Skyrockets

Facebook has been very upfront – advertising dollars are the only way to increase reach. But CURE Childhood Cancer has something up their sleeve: a powerful group of Zealots. In an era where Facebook’s organic reach is down – FAR down – CURE’s social engagement is skyrocketing. This September, CURE saw a 296% growth in […]

Why Creativity Matters. Especially Today.

It is a great time to be in the creative business. With just a digital camera and a post on a social media site, you are on your way. Of course, the holy trinity of creativity still applies: make it relevant, distinctive and interesting. Do that and you may create your own ‘media.’ This post […]

New Assignment: Online Customer Service.

An interesting twist in the world of “zealotry marketing.” GRM has been handed the assignment of handling online customer service. Perhaps, not the traditional role of a marketing agency. But then again, GRM has long veered from that path. A 5 percent increase in customer retention can generate a 75 percent increase in profitability, according […]

Be Contagious!

Probably not what your doctor suggests. But when it comes to marketing, isn’t that really what you want? To see your brand go viral. Be liked. Shared. For GRM, “be contagious” is an anthem. We desire to be contagious in the sense that we are those people, the kind sought out because they always add to […]

Rebranding: From Dated to Timeless.

Often, when there is no new product or no new features, the advertising reverts to the time-old price promotion. Or in the case of Mauna Lani Resort, they persisted in promoting themselves as home of the Senior Skins golf. Only issue with that? They no longer were. In fact, they haven’t been the “home” for […]